From a Vice President of Sales at Pfizer:
“Paul works as a true business partner to our group. He seeks to understand the business strategy and produces solutions that tie meeting facilities, audio / visual production and event agenda into a cohesive package. Paul orchestrates a seamless production that facilitates and adds value to our business events.”

From a Senior Vice President of Marketing at Wyeth:

“Paul is a thoughtful and reliable media professional. He anticipates the tone of the environment and provides exceptional insight during the planning and preparation phase of large events. I appreciate his attention to detail and his technical prowess in the management of the various activities that occur behind the scenes. He always made the process less stressful for me.”

From an Assistant Vice President of Communications at Wyeth

“Paul and I have worked together for almost 10 years both at Wyeth and when we he was supporting Wyeth as a consultant. Time and time again, Paul has done an outstanding job organizing complex global meetings for CEO-level events. He not only manages technical logistics and staff, he also serves as a thought partner to help form and execute the vision for the event. His ability to interact effectively with the most senior levels of management has earned him well-deserved praise. "Paul's running the event - right?" is a question I often hear and it shows the confidence he has inspired at all levels in Wyeth.”